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Ultimate Georgia Travel Guide: FAQs, Budget Tips & Must-Try Experiences

Georgia, a country nestled in the Caucasus region of Eurasia, is a hidden gem for travel enthusiasts. From picturesque landscapes to rich history and culture, Georgia has a lot to offer. If you’re planning a trip to this beautiful country, here’s a list of must-visit cities, budget-friendly travel and stay options, must-do activities, and delectable foods to try.

Must-Visit Cities in Georgia:

  1. Tbilisi – The capital city of Georgia, Tbilisi, is a perfect blend of old-world charm and modernity. The cobblestone streets of the Old Town are lined with colorful houses, historic churches, and cozy cafes. The Narikala Fortress offers panoramic views of the city, and the sulfur baths in Abanotubani are a unique experience. Budget-friendly accommodation options like hostels and guesthouses can be found in Tbilisi, making it an affordable destination for travelers.
  2. Batumi – Located on the Black Sea coast, Batumi is a vibrant city known for its beaches, nightlife, and contemporary architecture. The Batumi Boulevard, a seaside promenade, is perfect for leisurely strolls, and the Alphabet Tower offers panoramic views of the city. Budget-friendly hotels and guesthouses are available in Batumi, making it a popular destination for budget-conscious travelers.

Must-Visit Locations with Budget:

  1. Kazbegi – This mountainous region in northern Georgia is a must-visit for nature lovers. The picturesque village of Stepantsminda, with its stunning views of Mount Kazbek, is a popular destination. You can hike to the Gergeti Trinity Church, located on a hilltop, and enjoy breathtaking vistas of the surrounding landscapes. Budget-friendly guesthouses and homestays are available in Kazbegi, making it an affordable option for travelers.
  2. Mtskheta – This ancient town, located near Tbilisi, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its historic monuments. The Svetitskhoveli Cathedral and the Jvari Monastery are must-visit landmarks, offering glimpses into Georgia’s rich history and culture. Budget-friendly accommodation options like guesthouses and hostels can be found in Mtskheta, making it an affordable day trip from Tbilisi.

Must-Do Activities and Their Cost:

  1. Wine Tasting – Georgia is one of the oldest wine-producing countries in the world, and wine enthusiasts will find plenty of opportunities to indulge in wine tasting. Visiting local wineries and trying traditional Georgian wines like Saperavi and Rkatsiteli can cost around $5 to $10 per person, making it an affordable activity.
  2. Trekking in Svaneti – Svaneti, a mountainous region in western Georgia, is known for its pristine landscapes and medieval tower houses. Trekking through the picturesque villages and hiking to the remote mountain peaks can be a thrilling adventure. Guided treks in Svaneti can cost around $50 to $100 per day, including accommodation and meals, making it a budget-friendly option for outdoor enthusiasts.

Must-Try Foods in Georgia and Where to Try Them:

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Georgians Feast
  1. Khinkali – These Georgian dumplings are a popular local delicacy. Made with a thin dough filled with spiced minced meat or mushrooms, khinkali are typically boiled and served hot. You can find khinkali in local restaurants and street food stalls throughout Georgia, and they usually cost around $1 to $2 per piece
  2. Khachapuri – This traditional Georgian dish consists of a bread filled with melted cheese, eggs, and butter. Khachapuri comes in various regional variations, and trying different types can be a fun food adventure. You can find khachapuri in local bakeries and restaurants, and they usually cost around $2 to $5 depending on the size and filling.
  3. Churchkhela – Often referred to as “Georgian Snickers,” churchkhela is a traditional sweet treat made of walnuts or hazelnuts threaded onto a string and dipped in a thickened grape juice mixture. The strings of nuts are then dried and become a delicious and energy-packed snack. You can find churchkhela in local markets, shops, and street stalls, and they typically cost around $1 to $2 per piece.
  4. Shashlik – Georgian shashlik, also known as mtsvadi, is a popular grilled meat dish made with chunks of marinated pork, beef, or lamb skewered and cooked over an open flame. It’s often served with a side of vegetables and is a favorite among meat lovers. You can find shashlik in local restaurants and street food stalls, and the cost usually ranges from $3 to $7 depending on the meat and portion size.

Best Places to Eat Delicious Food in Georgia:

  1. Tbilisi – The capital city offers a plethora of dining options ranging from traditional Georgian eateries to modern fusion restaurants. Old Town Tbilisi is a foodie paradise with numerous cozy cafes and restaurants serving authentic Georgian cuisine. Rustaveli Avenue and Vera neighborhood are also known for their vibrant food scene, offering a mix of traditional and contemporary dining options.
  2. Batumi – The coastal city of Batumi is also known for its diverse food scene. You can find a variety of seafood, including freshly caught fish and Black Sea specialties, in local restaurants and seafood markets. Batumi Boulevard and the surrounding areas are lined with eateries offering a blend of Georgian and international cuisines.
  3. Kakheti – Georgia’s wine region, Kakheti, is also a culinary haven. You can indulge in traditional Georgian feasts known as “supra” in local guesthouses, where you can savor homemade wine, cheese, and other regional specialties. Many wineries in Kakheti also offer 
  4. wine tasting experiences paired with local food, giving you a chance to taste the authentic flavors of the region.

In conclusion, Georgia is a must-visit destination for travelers who are looking for a unique and budget-friendly experience. From historic cities to breathtaking landscapes, exciting activities, and delicious food, Georgia has something to offer for everyone. So pack your bags and get ready to explore the wonders of Georgia while indulging in its rich culture, cuisine, and hospitality!

Q: What language do people in Georgia speak? A: The official language of Georgia is Georgian. It is a Kartvelian language with its unique script called the Georgian alphabet. Georgian is the most widely spoken language in the country, with over 4 million speakers.

Q: Do people in Georgia speak English? A: While Georgian is the primary language spoken in Georgia, English is not widely spoken outside of major tourist areas. However, many younger Georgians, especially those in the tourism industry, may have basic English language skills. It’s always helpful to learn some basic Georgian phrases or carry a language translator app to communicate with locals during your visit.

Q: Is Georgia a safe country for tourists?
A: Yes, Georgia is generally considered a safe country for tourists. However, like any other destination, it’s always important to exercise caution and follow common safety precautions, such as avoiding risky areas at night and being mindful of your belongings.

Q: What is the best time to visit Georgia?
A: The best time to visit Georgia depends on your interests and activities. The spring months of April to June and the fall months of September to November are generally considered the best times to visit for pleasant weather and blooming landscapes. Summer months of June to August are ideal for beach activities in Batumi, while winter months of December to February are perfect for skiing in the mountainous regions.

Q: What are the must-visit cities in Georgia?
A: Some of the must-visit cities in Georgia are Tbilisi, the capital city known for its historic Old Town and vibrant culture; Batumi, a coastal city famous for its beaches and modern architecture; and Kutaisi, the second-largest city with its ancient monasteries and caves.

Q: How much does it cost to travel to Georgia on a budget?
A: Georgia is known for its affordability, and it is possible to travel on a budget. On average, a budget traveler can expect to spend around $30 to $50 per day on accommodations, meals, transportation, and sightseeing, depending on their travel style and preferences.

Q: What are the must-try activities in Georgia?
A: Some of the must-try activities in Georgia include exploring the historic sites and cultural landmarks in Tbilisi, hiking in the stunning Caucasus Mountains, wine tasting in Kakheti, visiting cave cities like Uplistsikhe, and enjoying traditional Georgian feasts known as “supra” with local families.

Q: What are the traditional Georgian foods to try?
A: Some of the traditional Georgian foods to try include khachapuri, a delicious cheese-filled bread; khinkali, Georgian dumplings with meat or vegetable filling; churchkhela, a sweet snack made of nuts dipped in grape juice; and shashlik, grilled meat skewers. Georgian cuisine is known for its unique flavors and culinary traditions.

Q: Do I need a visa to travel to Georgia?
A: Citizens of many countries, including the United States, European Union countries, and most Commonwealth countries, do not require a visa to travel to Georgia for short stays of up to 365 days. However, it’s always best to check the visa requirements for your specific country before traveling.

Q: What is the currency used in Georgia, and how can I exchange money?
A: The currency used in Georgia is the Georgian Lari (GEL). It’s best to exchange money at official exchange offices or banks for the most favorable rates. Credit and debit cards are widely accepted in major cities, and ATMs are available in most urban areas.

Q: Is English widely spoken in Georgia?
A: While Georgian is the official language of Georgia, English is not widely spoken outside of major tourist areas. However, many younger Georgians, especially those in the tourism industry, may speak basic English. It’s helpful to learn some basic Georgian phrases or carry a language translator app to communicate with locals.

Q: What are some unique cultural experiences in Georgia?
A: Georgia has a rich cultural heritage, and some unique experiences to consider include attending a traditional Georgian polyphonic singing performance, participating in a supra (traditional Georgian feast) with a local family, witnessing a traditional dance performance, and learning about the ancient winemaking techniques during a wine tour in Kakheti.

Please note that travel regulations and requirements may change, and it’s always best to check the latest information from official sources before planning your trip to Georgia

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